My Faith

If you've looked at my writings or read all the comments in my travelogs, you no doubt know I'm a Christian. Because Christ is central in my life, it seemed right to me to include a webpage on this site that touches on some of my "Christian" involvements.

From 1995-2005 I was a member of Sovereign Grace Church in Virginia Beach, played regularly on the church's "worship team," and was invited to play keyboards with Christian author Joshua Harris' house band (the New Attitude Band, whose album microsite I've archived here).

I moved from Virginia Beach to Colorado Springs in 2005, and am now part of the worship team at Mountain Springs Church. Since joining, I've helped produce one live worship album, and am gearing up to work on additional projects, both live and studio.

This is a great excerpt from a book addressing justification, righteousness, faith, sanctification, legalism, and licensiousness:

"Legalism involves seeking to earn God's acceptance through our own obedience. We only have two options: either receive righteousness as a God-given gift or try to generate our own. Legalism is the attempt to be justified through some source other than Jesus Christ and his finished work....

When we think of Christ dying on the Cross we are shown the lengths to which God's love goes in order to win us back to himself.... He is saying to us: I love you this much.... The Cross is the heart of the gospel. It makes the gospel good news: Christ died for us. He has stood in our place before God's judgment seat. He has borne our sins. God has done something on the Cross we could never do for ourselves.... The reason we lack assurance of his grace is because we fail to focus on that spot where he has revealed it."

You can hear some of the Christian music my band and I have recorded on this page.