My Music

Here are a few links to songs my former band has done. Those in the left column were recorded in a "real" studio and produced by Nashville producer Quinlan (Rebecca St. James, The Benjamin Gate), the rest in my living room and home studio. Please feel free to ignore my over-compression-happiness in the songs in the right column.

We played a few songs on a Sovereign Grace album named "King of Grace." You can listen to excerpts and/or purchase these songs via iTunes:

We played in church regularly, and served for a few years as the "house band" for New Attitude, an annual singles conference started by Christian author and pastor Joshua Harris. We were asked to record a 5-song album (I've archived the album's microsite here), which was a lot of fun. I'm the blurry guy in the middle of the back row behind Shannon. Nice.

I moved from Virginia Beach to Colorado Springs in 2005, and am now part of the worship team at Mountain Springs Church. Since joining, I've helped produce one live worship album, and am gearing up to work on additional projects, both live and studio.

Below are some photos of my little Digidesign 002R / Protools LE-based home studio. My main keyboards include a Korg Triton Pro, my beloved Nord Electro 2 73, a Korg Prophecy, a Roland Juno 106, and an old Roland D-50. The piano is an older Baldwin Acrosonic; the pump organ (which still works) belonged to my great-grandmother, who purchased it in the 1880s. I also play some trumpet, accordion and didgeridoo.