Personal Stuff

I've started a personal blog. You can visit it at

Among other things, I enjoy playing synth/organ/piano. I talk a bit about that over here.

I also enjoy writing, and have written a number of blogs and academic papers. You can read those over here.

I've done a bit of traveling. You can experience the journeys with me over on my travelogs page.

I'm a Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ has saved me from the consequences of my sins, and gives me purpose. I talk a bit about that over here.

I enjoy photography. I grew up with a darkroom in the basement, and you could regularly find me working the enlarger, dipping photo paper in various tubs of chemicals, and telling my brother to wait his turn. Now, I'm content with my Nikon D40, with its variety of lenses and flashes and filters. I'll plan to link to some photos later.

I enjoy gardening and cooking. I use an organic approach in my garden: compost tea, dry molasses, orange oil, corn gluten meal, mycorrhizal fungi, zeolite, diatomaceous earth and a few other things. We've got a couple of apple trees, and a bunch of tomatoes, zucchini, dill, basil, oregano, jalapeños, cilantro, cucumbers, and rosemary and thyme. I've include a few photos of my garden on the Boundless blog.

After pondering the educational options for our children, my wife and I have agreed to homeschool our kids. When we finished our basement, we set aside one room as a classroom, though much of our children's education takes place elsewhere. I've introduced my thoughts on homeschooling in two blog posts: Why I Will Homeschool (Part 1) and Why I Will Homeschool (Part 2). I've also discussed the principles of proper education in a Philosophy of Education paper I wrote in grad school.