It's been wonderful to have been able to spend some time outside of the United States, expanding my understanding of various cultures and meeting new friends.

I worked for a couple of months in Colombia (not to mention having been born in West Germany), but don't have any photos online from those travels. I do, however, have travelogs from my visits through Europe, to Singapore, and to London, as well as my nine-months working at a Christian Bible/agricultural school in central Mexico....


We had successfully wrapped up a large tradeshow in New York, and I had the upcoming week off from work. The Friday before my break, I decided on a whim to go to Europe. On Saturday I bought my plane ticket to Rome (returning via Paris), and on Monday morning, I was out of the country with just a backpack. I didn't have time to make further travel or hotel arrangements, so the week's journey from Rome to Paris was bound to be an adventure.... Start the Europe travelog.


I had been scheduled to take a business trip to London, but a few days before I was to leave, a client in Singapore had an urgent need for an on-site UI developer. My plans changed quickly. Start the Singapore travelog.


A year after my Singapore excursion, I was sent to London to work alongside my colleagues there. I arrived a few days early, and spent some time in Wales with some new friends. Then it was back to London for a couple of weeks of working late into the night. Start the London travelog.


After visiting the Centro Cultural Pro-Totonaco for a week-long mission project in 1988, I felt led to volunteer my time for up to a year there. (I blogged about my experience here.) I ended up living for about nine months in La Union, a small village some 45 minutes outside of Xicotepec de Juarez, a town a couple of hours northeast of Mexico City. Start the Mexico travelog.