The First Sacrifice

And then the Lord did something both peculiar and prophetic. He called over a lamb, a gentle creature that had been grazing deeper in the garden.

My Year in Mexico


After a week-long "short-term mission trip" to La Union, a small village a rattling half-hour taxi ride from Xicotepec de Juarez, I found myself offering to return and volunteer for a year, helping out however I could. They accepted...

Short Blog Posts

Short blog postsare fun.You can see at a glancewhether youlike themor not. (Apologies to Steve Turner.) From the BoundlessLine blog.Copyright 2007, Focus on the Family.Used by permission.

Why I Will Homeschool (Part 2)

Just as homeschoolers should probably not be so quick to condemn those who've chosen to delegate that responsibility to others, I'd argue that non-homeschoolers need to stop ridiculing those who choose the counter-cultural route of managing that education themselves...