Today is the day that U.S. citizens must return their U.S. census form. If the form is not postmarked by today, they’ll receive a visit from their friendly local census taker.

I guess I should expect a visit soon. Not because I refused to fill out the form, but because I never received one. I never received the heads-up mailing. I never received the follow-up postcard.

My inner conspiracy theorist is telling me it’s because of my ethnicity or political leanings. Maybe that’s not the case, and it’s simply a matter of ineptitude on behalf of the census workers. Or maybe the government’s database that keeps track of all the residences in the United States has become corrupted somehow.

Personally, I’m not surprised to find corruption within government agencies.

In any case, I’m preparing my heart even now for that knock at the door. The census worker may be upset at me for not cooperating with them. I need to respond in patience and love, rather than in indignation.

I’m wondering if there are any other U.S. citizens among our readership who’ve not received their census forms.

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Ted Slater
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