Hello. My name is Ted Slater.

I created my first website during grad school, some 25 years ago. Since then, I’ve embraced scores of new media technologies and platforms, enjoyed collaborating with hundreds of clients, managed teams of developers, and have produced countless compelling and profitable websites.



25+ years managing the design, development, and maintenance of hundreds of websites, online stores, and social networks, working both independently and with teams of developers.


Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication. Master’s degree in Education. Bachelor’s degree in English/Journalism. Bachelor’s degree in Spanish.


Loyalty to my employers, fellow employees, and clients. Dedication to complete projects on time and in ways that meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Technical Skills Overview

  • 25+ years designing, building, and maintaining hundreds of websites, online stores, and social networks, working both independently and with teams of developers
  • Proficient with new media technologies (WordPress, PHP, mySQL/phpMyAdmin, CSS, XML, RSS, SEO, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, HTML, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, GitHub, TypePad, embedded media, client-side and server-side scripting, GeekLog, Google Analytics and Search Console, AdSense, AdWords, WebTrends, Urchin, SilverPOP, MailChimp, InboxFirst, Ning, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Virb, Twitter, ShoutLife, Tangle, Amazon, SurveyMonkey, etc.)
  • Proficient with print and web publication (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Word, Acrobat, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Excel, PageMaker, Freehand, PowerPoint, Flash, Fetch, Cyberduck, CVS, etc.)
  • Proficient with video production (Final Cut Pro, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Premiere, Camtasia , QuickTime, HandBrake)
  • Proficient studio engineer and producer (music, voiceover recording, Protools, Soundtrack, Audacity)
  • Proficient with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems

Editorial/Managerial Skills Overview

  • Over seven years of experience being responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of hundreds of websites and web stores, and growing relationships with dozens of website owners/editors and ad vendors
  • Five years of experience overseeing the editorial process and direction for Focus on the Family's online magazine for young adults, including managing author relationships, drawing up author contracts and legal documents, editing articles consistent with AP style and organization's brand, writing hundreds of blog posts and email newsletters, creating contests and surveys, and entering articles into our content management system
  • Coordinated with dozens of regular contributing authors and numerous one-off authors to publish over 1,000 articles and 4,000 blog posts over the course of five years
  • Managed a $100,000 annual editorial budget
  • Led a team of website developers, and wrote code as necessary to bring new functionality to a variety of websites
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including conversational fluency in Spanish; excellent understanding of APA and AP styles; accurately type 75 WPM
  • Experience interacting with clients throughout the United States and overseas to identify and document business and application requirements

Abridged Employment History

    Romulus Marketing / Klicked Media (May 2012-present); Dallas, Ga. As CTO and senior website developer, I am responsible for every aspect of developing and maintaining over 60 active websites and webstores, from hosting/DNS to theme development to content creation/editing to ad optimization. Over the years, I've managed relationships with dozens of website owners and editors, providing training and being available 24/7 to address their requests. I've worked with a wide spectrum of ad vendors, and make decisions about ad placement in order to maximize revenue. In early 2019, I personally managed the migration of over 150 websites from WP Engine to Flywheel, a feat accomplished over the course of 10 days.

    Teen Challenge International, USA (May 2011-April 2012); Ozark, Mo. As IT Manager at the national Teen Challenge office, I was responsible for maintaining the office systems and helping develop the ministry's variety of websites and online store.

    Crossway Books (October 2010-March 2011); Wheaton, Ill. During my brief tenure as Digital Marketing Manager, I was responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for Crossway's digital resources, including eBooks and mobile apps. I was also tasked with leading Crossway's digital product development, including book applications, web content, enhanced digital books and subscription services. I lost my job because of a corporate restructuring and consequential reduction in force.

    Focus on the Family (August 2005-September 2010); Colorado Springs, Colo. As editor of Boundless.org and BoundlessLine.org, I was responsible for both the editorial and technical side of the online magazine and blog. This includes contracting with dozens of existing and new authors to write articles and blog posts adhering to Boundless style and messaging, managing a $100,000 annual budget, editing according to AP style, creating all the artwork (view some samples of images that accompanied daily articles), marking up text with HTML and any relevant scripting, creating contests and surveys, entering articles into our database/CMS, writing and coding a weekly e-newsletter to 30,000 subscribers, writing 600 blog posts, enhancing our sites with new functionality and design, building a mobile-friendly version of the site, facilitating SEO, evaluating visitor statistics, and engaging constituents through social media and personal e-mail. I lost my job because of a reduction in force that resulted from a ministry-wide series of budget cuts.

    Fluency/Netdecisions (January 2000-October 2004); Chesapeake, Va. Through two company restructurings, my role varied from Art Director to Lead User Interface (UI) Developer to Voice User Interface (VUI) Developer. Responsibilities included managing corporate internet and intranet websites, defining corporate and product branding (including logos and style guide), assisting with requirements gathering and rapid UI prototyping, designing much of the UI for the primary tool our developers used to create voice applications, creating several marketing videos, designing product brochures, and creating multi-platform CD-ROMs for trade shows. I lost my job because of a corporate restructuring and consequential reduction in force.

    Christian Broadcasting Network (1997-2000); Virginia Beach, Va. As an internet and new media front-end developer, I designed and maintained websites (including CBN.com) and multimedia presentations, edited video and audio, and designed miscellaneous print publications (ads, flyers, forms, etc.).

    Business International Networks (1996-1997); Virginia Beach, Va. As manager of the Graphical User Interface department, I coordinated the design and development of a technologically progressive international business-related website. Responsibilities included hiring and supervising three employees.

    Regent Times (1994-1997); Regent University; Virginia Beach, Va. As alumnus adviser and editor of the graduate university's student newspaper, I performed copy editing and all photo editing, design, and page layout.

    Operación Bendición (1993); Bogotá, Colombia. As a volunteer desktop publishing consultant, for seven weeks I assisted the editors of the monthly Spanish-language periodical Desafío better utilize their software and understand contemporary layout design and communication theories.


    Master's degree in Intercultural Communication (4.0 GPA)
    Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

    Master's degree in Education, emphasis in English as a Second Language (4.0 GPA)
    Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

    Bachelor's degree in English, minor in Journalism
    Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI

    Bachelor's degree in Spanish
    Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI

Sample Website Work

    I was responsible for every aspect of the following websites (design, development, ads, hosting, DNS configuration, and so on):

    Author/Speaker Arlene Pellicane
    Apple Eats NYC Food Blog
    Public Service Alerts
    Author Ashleigh Slater
    Ungrind Webzine

    Clients have included Deneen Borelli, Dr. Gina Loudon, Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, actor Kirk Cameron, Christian Broadcasting Network, Constitution.com, Rick Green, Brian Kolfage, John Hawkins, The Gateway Pundit, Duncan Bremer For Congress, Electric Mirror, BizPacReview, Doug Giles, Kevin Jackson, Javier Manjarres, Jeffrey Dunetz, Howard Portnoy, Gary DeMar, Chad Prather, Geneva Bible, author/speaker Arlene Pellicane, artist AF Branco, comedian Tommy Blaze, Evan Sayet, Matt Barber, CBN Flying Hospital, Joe Messina, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, Boundless Webzine, Matt Walsh, Quin Hillyer, Cynthia Farahat, Jason Mattera, Regent University School of Divinity, Regent University School of Education, South American Missionary Society, Jerry Bowyer, Aaron McCaughan, Brandon Vallorani, Kevin McCullough, Craig James, Bradlee Dean, John Biver, Michele Hickford, Delta 3D open source game engine, Duluth Medical Web Server, Episcopalians United/Anglican Voice, Fluency Voice Technology, Java Business Solutions (OOP.com), National Fatherhood Initiative (Fatherhood.org), New Attitude/New Attitude Band, Olympian Eli Bremer, Orchard Grove Condominium Community, Sovereign Grace Church, The Blythe Daniel Agency, The Reserve at Timberlands, U.S. Representative Mark Goins, actor Joseph C. Phillips, Steven Crowder, Talan Torriero, Mark Hastings, comedian Brad Stine, Angela Graham West, Dennis Michael Lynch, singer Thom Shepherd, blogger Wayne Dupree, Nick Adams, musician Alfonzo Rachel, comedian Victoria Jackson, Drew Berquist, and many others. Additional website project details provided upon request.


“Ted is a passionate, committed Web editor who pours himself into his writing and work. Over the years that I’ve worked with Ted I have seen him work tirelessly to understand and master new innovations and Web trends with the determination to provide the best possible user and communication experience for his end users. If your primary goal is the care, feeding and happiness of your customers, you’ll never be sorry to have Ted on your team.”

Greg Hartman
Owner, Livedog Productions, LLC

“An associate from both Regent University and Focus on the Family. Ted shows character and quality work. I wish him the best in his career.”

Joel Vaughan
Chief of Staff, Focus on the Family

“It’s been a privilege to write for Boundless for the past 3 years, and Ted Slater is a big part of the reason why. Ted stands out as a genuinely encouraging editor who honestly cares about writers. (That’s an increasingly scarce commodity in an era when some mags barely even acknowledge their freelancers’ work.) He’s helped me grow in my craft, recognizing and utilizing my individual strengths as a scribe. I don’t know where God will take him next, but I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with Ted again.”

George Halitzka
Artistic Director at Drama by George

“Ted Slater is an excellent and proven editor with immense experience. My time working with Ted was an absolute pleasure and joy. He improved my work exponentially and was key not only to my personal success as a writer, but also to the success of the magazine. He is an incredibly talented individual with an amazing skill set. Ted deserves my full recommendation and utmost appreciation.”

Tim Sweetman
Owner/Operator at Chick-fil-A
Millsboro, Delaware

“Ted Slater does an excellent job both of managing the technical side of a high-volume web site, but also understanding both the organizations and visitor’s differing needs. He is able to work in the organization to get changes implemented that enhance the user experience and that, in turn, results in high traffic volume. Meeting the needs of the customer is what Ted delivers.”

Brad Bargmeyer
Supervisor, Communication, Data Analysis & Reporting, at Southern California Edison

“Ted’s initiative and creativity have helped to keep Boundless.org fresh and compelling. I appreciate the enthusiasm he displays in his work and enjoyed working with him to provide resources for his audience.”

Michele Bennett
Publisher at seeJesus Press

“Ted is extremely creative and productive. He sees the big picture, with its required details, and coordinates them into completion with excellence. He was coordinated in details and completion with all team members for every project on which both he and I worked. He is the type of person leaders wished they had on their teams. I would recommend Ted for all online content or web site team management positions.”

Rodger Pfingsten
Managing Online Editor, Focus on the Family

“I began writing for Boundless.org in 2007 under Ted Slater’s editorial leadership. He’s a skilled editor who did more than just find and edit excellent content–he directed the tone and vision of an entire community of writers and readers. I appreciated the freedom Ted gave me to write what was on my heart while making sure every article fit the spirit and vision of a fantastic online publication.”

Rachel Starr Thomson
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Small Publisher

“Ted has a broad skill set that would benefit any organization. He is highly skilled at web development, content management and editing, and front end and back end coding. Ted also has a great work ethic and passionately pursues the good of the organization. It’s been my privilege to work alongside such a gifted individual.”

Motte Brown
Managing Director, Digital at ResourceOne

“For the last three years, I have worked as a freelance author under Ted’s supervision for Boundless.org at Focus on the Family. Ted has always been very professional, prompt, and helpful in our time working together.”

Kimberly Eddy
Freelance Author and Website Developer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ted Slater over the last four years during which time I submitted 11 articles to his attention. As editor of Boundless, a popular webzine for young adults, he provided clear guidance on the tone, length, and manner in which articles were to be submitted to his attention. He consistently demonstrated an exceptionally high level of thoughtfulness in his editorial feedback. When he needed to make minor adjustments to my writing, he always preserved my authorial voice and increased the article’s accessibility for the target audience. His knowledge of grammar and diction, as well as his knack for style and creativity, are superb. He is also quite skilled with the ins and outs of html code on at least one platform. I commend him to you wholeheartedly.”

Alex Chediak
Professor, California Baptist University

“I’ve enjoyed working with Ted on a number of projects over the course of several years. I’ve found him to be a man of integrity, a good team player, and passionate about his work.”

Sean Hulin
Sales and Marketing Manager, Sunstone Circuits

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