Racism is a real problem. The thing is, the mindset of even those most opposed to it may be interfering from their being able to bring about real solutions.

In today’s featured article, “Race Relations: Rethinking Christian Identity,” Boundless author Thabiti Anyabwile explains:

Multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance are the reigning solutions to problems associated with race. That is, most everywhere people assume that racial identity rooted in biology is an objective reality and conclude that the way to manage tensions, difference and strife is to develop greater appreciation for those differences. Ironically, this strategy has produced debate and strife of its own as people argue and quibble about the ideas of diversity and tolerance themselves.

What if our premise — that race is even relevant — is the obstacle keeping us from true reconciliation, from making peace with those who look different from us?

In his article, Thabiti argues just this: that while ethnicity is a real thing, because we are all members of the race of Adam, there is truly no racial difference between any of us. Indeed, focusing on working through “race” issues may be keeping us from addressing the lingering problems that can be resolved.

Race Relations: Rethinking Christian Identity” is the first of a multi-part series on race. It’s helped reframe my understanding of this issue. Let me know if it helps you as well.

From the BoundlessLine blog.
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Ted Slater
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