“Ted is a passionate, committed Web editor who pours himself into his writing and work. Over the years that I’ve worked with Ted I have seen him work tirelessly to understand and master new innovations and Web trends with the determination to provide the best possible user and communication experience for his end users. If your primary goal is the care, feeding and happiness of your customers, you’ll never be sorry to have Ted on your team.”

Greg Hartman
UI and Usability Engineer at LLC

“Ted Slater does an excellent job both of managing the technical side of a high-volume web site, but also understanding both the organizations and visitor’s differing needs. He is able to work in the organization to get changes implemented that enhance the user experience and that, in turn, results in high traffic volume. Meeting the needs of the customer is what Ted delivers.”

Brad Bargmeyer
Supervisor, Communication, Data Analysis & Reporting, at Southern California Edison

“Ted has a broad skill set that would benefit any organization. He is highly skilled at web development, content management and editing, and front end and back end coding. Ted also has a great work ethic and passionately pursues the good of the organization. It’s been my privilege to work alongside such a gifted individual.”

Motte Brown
Family Formation Manager, Focus on the Family

“I worked with Ted to produce several articles for Ted is a fantastic project manager, supervisor and editor. I appreciated Ted’s diligence to accomplish project goals all the while helping me to be a better writer. He is a good man, hard worker and an amazing find for any future employer. Ted Slater has my highest recommendation.”

Randy Thomas
Executive Vice President, Exodus International

“An associate from both Regent University and Focus on the Family. Ted shows character and quality work. I wish him the best in his career.”

Joel Vaughan
Special assistant to the president, Focus on the Family

“Ted’s initiative and creativity have helped to keep fresh and compelling. I appreciate the enthusiasm he displays in his work and enjoyed working with him to provide resources for his audience.”

Michele Bennett
Publicist, Crossway Books and Bibles

“It was my great privilege to be one of Ted’s writers at Ted created a reliable stable of gifted writers and a brilliant art department that made for an extremely creative, engaging, and attractive website. Always easy to work with, helpful, and cooperative, Ted knows how to manage a complex web presence with excellence and grace. I highly recommend this gifted and capable friend.”

Jim Tonkowich
Senior Fellow at Cornwall Alliance, Scholar at Institute on Religion & Democracy

“For a number of years, I was a contracted author with Boundless, writing for the webzine that Ted edited. Ted brought creativity, flexibility, and much encouragement to the project. He set clear editorial expectations and gave helpful feedback on strengthening articles. I enjoyed writing for him and recommend him for editorial and/or related project management tasks.”

Carolyn McCulley
author with Crossway Books and Moody Publishing

“Ted Slater was an excellent superior while I was at Boundless. He was amiable, responsible, and fun to work with. He has extensive knowledge of writing, editing and how to craft a good editorial, and is always striving to know more. He is a self-starter, and diligently perseveres whenever he sets his mind to accomplishing something. I highly recommend and respect him as a person as well as an editor.”

Amanda Baker
Copy Editor with the Lynchburg News & Advance

“For the last three years, I have worked as a freelance author under Ted’s supervision for at Focus on the Family. Ted has always been very professional, prompt, and helpful in our time working together.”

Kimberly Eddy
Freelance Author

“It’s been a privilege to write for Boundless for the past 3 years, and Ted Slater is a big part of the reason why. Ted stands out as a genuinely encouraging editor who honestly cares about writers. (That’s an increasingly scarce commodity in an era when some mags barely even acknowledge their freelancers’ work.) He’s helped me grow in my craft, recognizing and utilizing my individual strengths as a scribe. I don’t know where God will take him next, but I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with Ted again.”

George Halitzka
Freelance Writer, Writing by George

“Ted is extremely creative and productive. He sees the big picture, with its required details, and coordinates them into completion with excellence. He was coordinated in details and completion with all team members for every project on which both he and I worked. He is the type of person leaders wished they had on their teams. I would recommend Ted for all online content or web site team management positions.”

Rodger Pfingsten
Managing Online Editor, Focus on the Family

“I’ve enjoyed working with Ted on a number of projects over the course of several years. I’ve found him to be a man of integrity, a good team player, and passionate about his work.”

Sean Hulin
President, Cause Marketing Group

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ted Slater over the last four years during which time I submitted 11 articles to his attention. As editor of Boundless, a popular webzine for young adults, he provided clear guidance on the tone, length, and manner in which articles were to be submitted to his attention. He consistently demonstrated an exceptionally high level of thoughtfulness in his editorial feedback. When he needed to make minor adjustments to my writing, he always preserved my authorial voice and increased the article’s accessibility for the target audience. His knowledge of grammar and diction, as well as his knack for style and creativity, are superb. He is also quite skilled with the ins and outs of html code on at least one platform (Moveable Type). Beyond that, I have found Mr. Slater to be a man of strong, godly character. He has always shown himself to be solidly rooted and biblically-grounded. He has a Christ-exalting passion to assist the rising generation launch into full-orbed adulthood for maximal impact in the kingdom of God. I commend him to you wholeheartedly.”

Alex Chediak
Associate Professor, California Baptist University

“Ted Slater is an excellent and proven editor with immense experience. My time working with Ted was an absolute pleasure and joy. He improved my work exponentially and was key not only to my personal success as a writer, but also to the success of the magazine. He is an incredibly talented individual with an amazing skill set. Ted deserves my full recommendation and utmost appreciation.”

Tim Sweetman
Freelance Writer

“I began writing for in 2007 under Ted Slater’s editorial leadership. He’s a skilled editor who did more than just find and edit excellent content–he directed the tone and vision of an entire community of writers and readers. I appreciated the freedom Ted gave me to write what was on my heart while making sure every article fit the spirit and vision of a fantastic online publication.”

Rachel Starr Thomson
Copy Editor at Home School Enrichment Magazine

Ted Slater