Yesterday I brought you a new Captain Deplorable video, Trump Gives The Weather Report.

It was hilarious.

Captain Deplorable Is Back: Trump Gives The Weather Report

Social PROOF Trump Indictment Will Likely Win Him 2024!

You can see it here if you missed it:

Captain Deplorable Is Back: Trump Gives The Weather Report

And today I had to show you one more.

His drive through videos are some of my favorites and this one was another gem.


Backup here:


♬ –

And if you loved that, I have to show you this…

My man CaptainDeplorable45 made a video all about and it’s absolute perfection!

It just keeps getting better each time you watch.

A real favorite of mine.

I don’t know how he does these but this man is a genius!

You gotta watch this, it’s so good.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup here:

My man, you absolutely NAILED IT!

I’m still laughing…so awesome, thank you!

If you want more, you can find a bunch more at his website here (more videos, swag, etc) 👉

More hilarious Sound Bites here 👉

And follow him on his social media which is where he posts all the latest videos:

Twitter 👉

IG 👉

TikTok 👉

And if you want more, check out two of my other favorites…

Trump Goes To Arbys:

Trump Goes To Arbys…

And Trump Goes To Taco Bell:

Trump Visits Taco Bell…

Ted Slater
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