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It’s recently come to my attention — and I’m surprised more people aren’t expressing their concern over this — that we’re daily exposed to the potentially very dangerous chemical compound Dihydrogen Monoxide.

This colorless, odorless chemical can cause a number of maladies. The Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division reports the following perils associated with DHMO:

  • Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities.
  • Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.
  • Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.
  • DHMO is a major component of acid rain.
  • Gaseous DHMO can cause severe burns.
  • Contributes to soil erosion.
  • Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
  • Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.
  • Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.
  • Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.
  • Given to vicious dogs involved in recent deadly attacks.

This chemical is present in industrial solvents, nuclear power plants, biological and chemical weapons, and so on. But more alarming is that it’s also an ingredient in food products such as jarred baby food, soups and juices.

I’m not certain why the dangers of this compound have been understated, though it’s my understanding that certain organizations, including global warming alarmists, may be developing a campaign to eradicate its use.


Ted Slater
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