I appreciate your giving me a call, and I’m happy to help you get your website in place. You’ll have a good looking, fully functional website in place within a week.

We’ve got your domain name registered. Now we just need a place to host your website. I’d recommend WP Engine, specifically this plan:

If you use this promo code:


… you’ll only be billed $5/month for the first 3 months. If it turns out that WP Engine doesn’t work for you, within 60 days you can cancel your account and be refunded everything you spent.

The final thing at this step is to register a CloudFlare account. To do so, please go here:

… and sign up for a free account. Once you’ve got that, send me the login/password to both your WP Engine account and your CloudFlare account, and I’ll get the bones in place for your website.

Ted Slater
[email protected]

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